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Why Mumbai Choufer?

Mumbai Choufer is among the popular Marathi dailies in the city of Mumbai and it has been a part of the race of competing with other newspapers of Mumbai since the past few years. Although Mumbai and the entire state of Maharashtra has a number of Marathi dailies circulated in the region but Mumbai Choufer.

Why Advertise in Mumbai Choufer?

Getting yourself promoted through Mumbai Choufer is highly favourable for advertisers in Mumbai who intend to promote themselves to the Marathi speaking population of the region. It enables advertisers to publish ads in different pages apart from just the classified pages.

Display ads under the categories of Appointment, Business, Retail, Property, Public Notices and Tenders and even Obituary ads are published in this newspaper and all these ads can be printed in Marathi as well as English as per the preference of the advertiser.

It reaches out to all age-groups, from students to senior citizens adding to the benefits of advertising in Mumbai Choufer.

Advertisers can choose to advertiser under different formats in Mumbai Choufer newspaper such as Text ads, Classified Display and Display ads. These ad formats are can be used for different ad categories including Matrimonial, Recruitment, To-rent, Change of name, Lost and found etc in case of classified ads and Appointment, Education, Public Notice and Tender ads, Business as well as Obituary Ads under Display format.

With the help of releaseMyAd-India’s recognized INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accredited online ad booking website, advertisers can get their ads released in their preferred newspaper-Mumbai Choufer under any category and in any format. You can also avail the best deals available on our website, as assigned by the publication directly.

You only need to follow 3 easy steps online for booking your ad for release in Mumbai Choufer –Determine the Ad Category, Compose or Upload your Ad and Confirm the Release Dates and clear the Payment for an instant and assured ad release!!

As we are accredited and recognized by the INS (Indian Newspaper Society) as the official online ad booking agent of Mumbai Choufer and several other Indian newspapers, it is part of our job to make sure that the payments made by you for your advertisements are 100% secure and protected. Each and every payment made for your ads via our website are processed securely through SSL encrypted system to protect all your personal and confidential details.

Additional Information

Entrusted directly by the Mumbai Choufer as their official online ad booking agents, releaseMyAd provides its advertisers with a simple and user-friendly online portal to check out ad rates, circulation numbers, discount offers for publishing both classified and display ads in Mumbai Choufer without any delays or issues!

As India’s largest and easiest online ad booking service we provide you with the booking provision of all the 3 different types of ad formats as per availability in the Mumbai Choufer!

ReleaseMyAd has the experience of almost 30 years in the field of newspaper advertising and therefore has been recognized and authorized by the INS, which is the primary governing body of all newspaper publications as well as other media ventures, to enable the online booking of ads through us.

You can advertise in any category starting from Recruitment, Matrimonial, Property, Change of Name, Business and to even Obituary in Mumbai Choufer in the mentioned ad types:

Classified Text: Text advertisements are the simplest form of newspaper classified advertising. They are simple run-on line which can be enhanced with the help of our online enhancements such as ticks, screen borders, background colours etc. These adverts are charged on the basis of lines/characters/ words used in the content of the ad

Classified Display: Display Classified ads, also known as column ads and are a little more expensive than Text ads. These adverts can be customized by uploading images and logos and formatting font styles and sizes. CD ads can be published in coloured as well as Black and White format. Not only can you compose your Times Classified Display ad online with our pre designed templates but also upload your personally composed advert.

Display:  Display ads are the most expensive and elaborate form of advertising. Such adverts have a great potential for creativity. Expert advertisers can upload the design of their advertisement in PDF/ JPEG/ EPS format and simply specify their requirements.

Find out how to book your ad in Mumbai Choufer under any preferred category?

1-Choose the Ad Type as Classified Text or Display Classified or only Display, mention the category, location/edition and proceed to the next step

2. Compose/Upload/Design your advert in the Compose Ad section with the help of our ad enhancements, sample ads, design templates and preview it prior to its release through our Live Preview Ad Feature

3. To complete the process, simply specify the Release Dates & move towards clearing the payment for your ad

You can clear the payment for your ad through any of the online payment mediums like Credit/ Debit Card and Net banking or choose from several offline payment options like Demand Drafts, Cheques/Cash Deposits and NEFT (Online Cash Transfer) or Cash Collection from home and offices in select cities.

Once the payment is received, we will forward an invoice containing all the details related to your ad booking for your reference. Following which, your ad will be forwarded for editorial approval from Mumbai Choufer and once approved, your ad can be released on the dates specified by you.

For any further details or queries regarding ad booking in Mumbai Choufer, you can send us email at or visit the Frequently Asked Questions section or Question & Answer Forum of Mumbai Choufer.

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