Mumbai Choufer
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Text Classified Ad

  • Economical, Charges per line/word
  • Ad appearing in simple running text
  • Enhance with Tick, Border & Bold

Classified Display Ad

  • More Visible &
  • Use images/logos +
  • Rate charged on per basis

Display Ad

  • Expensive (Rs.10,000+). Used by Businesses for Large Advertising Spends
  • Customize Ad Width, Height & Page Choice
  • Ad appears beside editorial content

About Mumbai Choufer

Go with Mumbai Choufer for reaching out to Marathi speaking people of Mumbai

Mumbai has a very diverse culture as it is India’s largest metropolitan and most certainly has the most diverse kind of population. But the city predominantly has a Marathi speaking population and a number of Marathi language newspapers. Therefore it is essential to comprehend the reasons as to why it can be advantageous to advertise in Mumbai Choufer.

Why advertise in Mumbai Choufer?

Economical Ad rates

Being a single edition Marathi daily, it has a very economical advertisement rates making it an excellent advertising option to reach out to a specific set of audiences.

Specific Target Audience

It is a Marathi daily, therefore can be used to reach out to only that section of the population with Marathi language ads adding a personal appeal to your advertisements


Even though it is only a few years old, it is quite popular in its limited Geographical region of the city of Mumbai


The newspaper does not offer any supplements but has provision for display ads in the Front/Back/Third or any page of the main newspaper under Appointments, Business, Retail, Public Notices and even Obituary and tender ads. It can be used for display ads primarily due to the economical display ad rates.

Competitors of Mumbai Choufer

Mumbai Choufer, being a Marathi daily has many competitors such as Lokmat, Maharashtra Times, Punya Nagari etc. But this newspaper is way ahead of these newspapers in terms of ad rates which are fairly less and it is best for specific target reaches, especially if you intend to reach out to only the Marathi speaking people of Mumbai city.