How to book Matrimonial Ads in Mumbai Choufer?


Mumbai Choufer is a very popular Marathi Newspaper in Mumbai. To book your matrimonial ads in this newspaper all you need to do is log in to our Mumbai Choufer website and click on the Book Classified Ad tab. At this stage you will have to make the following choices

·         Category : Matrimonial

·         Ad Type : Text Classified

·         Newspaper : Mumbai Choufer

·         Location/ Edition: Choose according to the rates, where you want to release your ad

·         Book Now : Choose your special package or discount

·         Compose Ad: Here, you need to compose the ad, add enhancements, preview the ad, etc.

·         Select the Dates : The date/s you want to release your ads

·         Make Payments : Choose from a variety of offline and online payments mode

Our website is user-friendly and guides you throughout the process.

Or you can call us at 09830629298 or write to us at to discuss the rates or booking process of Mumbai Choufer.

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