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Category : Main Newspaper
Publishing Day : All Days

Advertise in the popular and economical Marathi Daily of Mumbai for maximum audience responses in the city of Mumbai-Mumbai Choufer

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Category : Classifieds Supplement
Publishing Day : All Days

Mumbai Choufer Classified Ads is cost effective and ideal platform to advertise on for Matrimonial,Property,Obituary, Recruitment, Education,etc type customers. Ad cost is calculated based on the number of lines used.

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Mumbai Choufer display ads are an excellent way to reach out to the Marathi speaking population in the metropolis of Mumbai. Although Mumbai has many newspapers but advertising through a Marathi newspapers makes it easier for advertisers to reach out to a specific section of the population residing in the city of dreams.

The newspaper does not offer any specific supplements but it enables advertisers to publish their display ads in Marathi language, which is the regional language of the city of Mumbai and its surrounding areas.

It offers its pages for Appointment Ads, business and retail promotional ads, Property display ads as well as Obituary Messages for the lost loved ones. It enables the release of Public notices and tender quotations in Marathi as well as English language.

So to reach out to the Marathi speaking segment of the population in Mumbai, opt for Mumbai Choufer-the new but popular Marathi daily of Mumbai. 

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